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NZXT CAM free download latest version 4.0 for windows 10, 8, 7. It is a free PC monitoring software for windows. It provides in depth monitoring of any PC having windows operating system. The tool also provides a full specification of PC. You can view various system temperature and load easily at one screen. The NZXT CAM allow you to control every aspect of computer. CPU Overclocking, Custom RGB, System status at glance, Custom cooling curves and In-Game Overlay are some highlighted features of this software. Track every status of your computer, know what your computer is doing with your resources. Also track the bandwidth consumption and processor load.

Download NZXT CAM v4.0 (2020) Latest Version For Windows 10, 8, 7

IN-GAME Monitoring

While playing games, you need maximum performance from CPU. Track the FPS, temperature and bandwidth in this Game Overlay feature. Configure everything from nzxt cam app according to game requirement. Just do a simple tweak to get maximum performance from CPU and GPU. You can also overclock GPU to increase the gaming performance. Gaming stats are also available on the games tab. You can check the gameplay time of any games played on your PC.

System Status At Glance

Check the system status such as CPU Load, GPU Load, Temperature, RAM Usage, Bandwidth usage, Storage, Clock speed and fan speed etc. Control everything from one place. You can configure your PC after checking the system stats. Close the apps which are using more memory.

CPU Overclocking

Overclock CPU to get maximum performance while playing games. This feature can also be used while using software which requires huge system resources. It is useful for software like AutoCad, 3D Max or Lumion etc. These types of software requires more system resources while rendering. Specially the more GPU usage is required to use these software. So you can overclock your CPU and GPU to get maximum performance.

Custom RGB

Adjust the screen lighting to enhance the display performance. If you want high quality output from display, then use custom RGB to adjust the lighting. There are different types of RGB setting requires for different works. Like for gaming the different RGB with high brightness is needed whereas for normal work custom RGB with low brightness is needed.

Custom Cooling Curves

Control the temperature of CPU by using this feature. The custom cooling curves are very helpful for gaming. While you play games, the CPU temperature increase, Therefore you can reduce the resources load to decrease the temperature. Same as in GPU, the temperature increase. You can use this awesome feature to control the CPU and GPU temperature.

Download NZXT CAM Latest Version Free For Windows

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NZXT CAM File Information

Software NameNZXT CAM
File Size1.55 MB
DevelopersNZXT Officials
Supported OSWindows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7
Last UpdatedFebruary 10, 2020

How To Install And Use NZXT CAM

  1. Download latest version of NZXT CAM from direct link.
  2. Open the installer and complete the installation process by accepting terms and conditions.
  3. Open the software from desktop and wait few seconds to automatically detected by software.
  4. You will see the system status at main page as well as various tabs at upper side.
  5. Use different tabs to configure the app according to your need.